current version : 0.3.1
last update of this page : 01/09/2000
author : Nicolas Roard

TwinLib is a small but useful graphic c++ library. It's designed to help developpers in graphic programming under Qt , by providing cool functions like gradients, antialias on graphics primitives and text, alpha channel support...
The base principle of TwinLib is to declare an object of type Image (which is the base type of TwinLib).
An object Image is only a QImage object with many functions around it, so, by example, you could do something like that :

Image toto ("pipo.jpeg");
toto.line (10,10,100,100,QColor (200,0,0)); 

Those two lines load a jpeg image in toto, and trace a red line on it.
If you want to get the QImage contained in toto, just do a call.
That's all ! all others things are basically the same, with others functions (circle, gradients, text, etc.), so now you could go read the doc ;-)